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USB Scope Viewer

Turn your boresope into a digital viewing system!

Connect your borescope eyepiece to your borescope, then connect to computer via USB, or Android tablet / phone with suppled micro USB adapter. This will allow you to view full digital color screen. We have free software and we also have a third-party software we recommend if you want extra features but you would have to purchase. That allows you to zoom in, correct a mirror image if you are using a mirror tube, make views to document your work or collaborate with a colleague for evaluation over the internet or via SKIPE. Take a snapshot for further study. Manual focus allows you to adjust focal length from the distal end of your scope. Additional features come with on board adjustable LED light source.

This system works with all borescopes made after 1996, including the most commonly used by safemen… Hawkeye, Olympus, Storz, and Wolf to name a few. Made of soft nylon and its light weight (2.5 ounces) assures that the placement on your expensive scope won’t damage it. The USB-SV uses low light technology which eliminates the need for an expensive light generator – saving you thousands more.


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