Hose Bibb Lock

With water prices soaring, locking access to your outside water supply is now an important part of security.
Here’s how it works: The cover, padlock eye, and padlock spin freelyaround the fitting. The fitting cannot be unscrewed and will not leak when the Hose Bibb is locked.

Uses Include:

• Stop water theft, waste and misuses.
• Stop leaky hose bibb.
• Outside or inside hose connections.
Water heater drain valve.
• Gray water irrigation safety.
• Home owner, boat, RV.
• Rental, apartment, Condo.
• Golf Course, Park, Marina.
• Municipal Buildings, Housing.




Thieves are targeting the valves on public toilets. These valves are made of brass and weigh four to five pounds. At five dollars a pound thieves have found them an easy target to remove and sell for scrap. The brass part can cost the victim upwards of three hundred to replace not to mention the inconvience of an inoperable toilet.

The P-LOCK come with a tamper resistant lock but just about any padlock can be used as well.

For additional photos and information about the P-LOCK click here


G.M. Compressor

This pocket size tool compresses the lock plate spring on AMC, Chrysler tilt, G.M. tilt, telescopic, metric and standard steering columns. The tool is designed to use the same Phillips screwdriver needed to tear down the column.


Security Sliding Door and Window Lock

3 locks for securing up to 3 windows. Can be used to lock windows closed,
or partially open for venting.

Includes 1 key.


Turn Key for 300c Window Lock

Replacement or secondary key for the Security Sliding Door and Window Lock,K-FSM-300C


49 1/2″ 4- Drawer Cabinet Locking Bar

Lock your filing cabinets and important document storage system with our all new Filing Cabinet Bar Lock.Unique design protects mounting screws from being tampered with. Accepts up to large padlock for locking (not included). Will not block drawers or cabinets adjacent to this one.