Keedex, Inc. manufactures a variety of products for the locksmith, safe technician & access control installer. Products for the locksmith include: automotive tools, cylinder guard rings, armored strike plates, shop tools, hardware protectors and installation templates. Products for the safe technician include: safe drill bits, change key sets & a safe drilling rig. Products for the access control industry include: armored door loops, access control housings and electric strike mounting boxes. Keedex also manufactures an extensive line of weldable boxes, that are used to mount locks on gates. Keedex products are sold through wholesale distribution. Distributors include companies in the locksmith, access control, gate, fence, hardware and safe industries.

In an effort to bring interesting content to those that visit us here at, we have begun the process of photographing and uploading images and details of some of the George Hill Lock Collection, one of the largest collections of its kind, featuring thousands of locks, many unique and/or one of a kind locks, such as locks from the William Randolph Hearst estate, Prohibition era alcohol locks, a lock from the dressing room of Elvis Presley from the Las Vegas Hilton and other vintage original locks from around the world; one of the largest private collections of handcuffs in the world including handcuffs from Houdini’s collection, the Great Reno collection and more. There is even a large collection of “keys to the city” from around the world. You can read the OC Register article about Keedex here to find out about all the great history in this magnificent collection. Check back often for the newest additions to our online catalogue of the George Hill Lock Collection!