Quick Rekey Alike Device

Most businesses or residences have under 10 cylinder changes. When keying them, you may have made piles of pins on your work area, used a loading tray or just picked from your pin kit…then proceeded to load each chamber in the same order, over and over again. With KWIK KEE you can load once and rekey your cylinders in a flash.

Come with bibles for:

  • Kwikset spaceing
  • Schlage spaceing

Special order just about any other manufacturers spacing bible separately.

This device will hold up to 15 Schlage #9 pins.

Spring loaded follower allows for one handed operation.

Magnetically holds itself onto your work area.

Change out the follower when rekeying specialized cylinders.


See video coverage of the KWIK KEE at the

ALOA Convention 2012 – Las Vegas


Gap Measuring Wedge

  • Fast accurate measurements of gaps on fire rated doors.
  • Makes annual or new insulation inspection quick and easy!
  • Clear easy to read measuring gap from 1/16 to 7/8 accurately.
  • By simply attaching a 1/4″ dowel (not included) into the built in attachment whole will allow you to measure without a ladder or stooping.
  • Lightweight fits in your pocket or over your neck with lanyard provided
  • Designed and made in the USA


Door Laser Guide For Core Drilling Doors

The Affordable & Effective Tool For Core Drilling Doors. Use of laser sight assures accurate drilling through core, to prevent damage to either face of door.



These bits are long enough for core drilling doors, drilling (install) sites for running wiring in walls and crawl spaces

1/4″ x 24″ Flex Bit          FB-14X24

1/4″ x 36″ Flex Bit          FB-14×36

1/4″ x 48″ Flex Bit          FB-14×48

3/8″ x 24″ Flex Bit          FB-38×24

3/8″ x 36″ Flex Bit          FB-38×36

3/8″ x 48″ Flex Bit          FB-38×48

Gate Box Installation Jig

The Gate Box Installation Jig is a revolutionary tool, designed to make your life easier! Clamping this tool on your gate during a retrofit will align the gate edge, assist in getting perfect gate box alignment, and free your hands so you can weld safely and better than ever before! This is one tool you will NOT want to be without! Save time! Weld easier! Get a better welding seam, and keep your hands free! Get the Gate Box Installation Jig NOW!

Comes with two 6” -90 degree magnets


Straight Cut Tool

Get a straight cut on all of your gate box retro fits, the first try. This great tool clamps onto gates between 1” and 2”, has a hardened steel stop and acts as a miter box for use with your reciprocating saw.


Safe Buster With Standard Collar

This tool is used to drill through hardplate. You can apply over 500 lbs of pressure at the drill tip with about 35 lbs. of pressure at the handle. Penetrates most hardplate in minutes instead of hours. Drill Motor Not Included.



K-18 Change Key Set

The K-18 Change Key Set is a set of the twelve most common change keys, all in a handy case. Keys fold out “knife style” to select the proper tool. Case is engraved with description of uses.


K-GSA • GSA Type Change Key Set

The new Keedex K-GSA, GSA type change key set, is designed for those individuals working in the GSA environment. Contains the keys needed for servicing GSA rated containers. Keys are made of cast stainless steel. Case is engraved with description of uses. Made in USA.


Profile Cylinder Follower

This segmented follower is a simple but effective solution to the
frustration of servicing profile cylinders. Special magnetic design for easy operation.



Lever Opening Tool

This tool is to be sold only to locksmiths and law enforcement agencies.

This tool is not to be used unlawfully. Keedex will not be responsible for the misuse of this tool.


Lever Opening Tool (Use this Stock Number when ordering 5 or more)




Scope For Mini Flashlights

Transforms your mini-flashlight into a powerful inspection device. Works with Mini-Mag Lite®, Brinkman® and many other “AA” flashlights.

The K-23 consists of a 1″ diameter polypropylene cap and two interchangeable, fiber optic rods, one 45° and one 90°.


G.M. Decoder

Decodes all tumblers in one step without complete disassembly of the lock. Pick sidebar down. Press the K-4 firmly into the six chambers of the lock. Read cuts with gauge provided. Made of Lexan. Guaranteed for life. Stainless steel fingers. Durable aluminum card. Instructions and case included.



3800 R.P.M. high torque reversible 12 volt D.C. motor. This motor is engineered to work with a wide variety of key machines. The K-5 even out performs more expensive motors. Energy efficient permanent magnet design. Reversing power leads, allows you to reverse shaft rotation. Motor is capable of a full 1/4 h.p. Bronze bearings. Comes with pulley, mounting bracket and belt. Guaranteed for one year.



Spring and driver reloading tool

Unique tool that uses a spring loaded ball bearing system and the pin chambers of the shell for perfect alignment. Radius V cut allows the spring or top pin to align. Ball bearing de tents into cylinder pin chambers and stays there until you load your spring and driver. Because the tool aligned itselfall you need to do is start at the rear of the cylinder, drop a spring in, give it a shake (the spring will follow the V radius of the tool and drop into the pin chamber), drop in a driver, give it a shake (again the V radius of the tool will line it up with the pin chamber) – push the driver into the pin chamber, then advance the tool to the next posi- tion (the spring loaded ball bearing will drop into the next chamber, stop and hold at that posi- tion) and repeat.



Master Follower

This remarkable follower is a wise choice for either the newcomer or master locksmith. Made of solid brass, it will out last those made of plastic or aluminum. The capabilities of this machined follower far exceed any follower on the market today. It can be used as a regular follower, or as a master pin remover and follower on Schlage, Sargent, Kwikset, Weiser, and many others. Special taper allows smooth operation and better control over sticking pins.


Master Follower- Corbin Russwin Combo

(.500 & .550 plugs) Follower


Herculite Reflective Screwdriver

The K-EZR is designed to slide under a herculite door so you can service the cylinder without having to remove the door. Once placed under the door you can view the set-screw with its’ reflective surface, you then turn the sprocket, loosing the set-screw. With the sprocket design there is no need to disconnect from the set-screw which saves you time.

Interchangable slotted and allen head tips are provided.


Installation Template Adams Rite 1850S, 4530, 4710, & 4711

This tool allows you to make precise installation of Adams Rite 1850S, 4530, 4710 & 4711 series locks. Also works with the International DH 1822 & DL4511. Covers the following backsets: 7/8″, 31/32″ & 1 1/8″.

Installation Template


Installation Template for


This tool allows you to make precise installation of DOR-O-MATIC 990/1990& 1090/2090 series Exit Devices


Fiber-Optic Moonlight for Mini MagLite

The Keedex Moonlight attaches to any Mini-Maglite flashlight and is designed to fit into a 1/4” opening for viewing inside of a drilled hole. By inserting the Moonlight into the hole it lights up the inside (of a safe) using 11 fiber-optic elements. The crescent shape “moon” design covers only 20% of the viewing area allowing an 80% non-obstructed view inside the hole with a high-intensity light beam.


Spin Out Mortise Cylinder Screwdriver

How many times have you struggled, trying to remove the cam screws on mortise cylinders? The Spin Out is specially designed to remove even the most stubborn screws.

The “Spin Out” features a screwdriver with an oversized handle for extra torque. Four sizes of interchangeable screwdriver bits – two slotted and two Phillips.

Includes stand, with bronze bearing, to prevent the screwdriver from slipping. Allows you to provide constant, even pressure to the screws.

  •Prevents injuries to you and your employees hands, caused by a screwdriver slipping.

 •Prevents stripped out screw heads.

 •Allows you to remove even the most stubborn screws.


Tamper Resistant Stainless Steel Spanner Screw Kit

Contains 12 each, of each of the following 14 different sizes of machine and wood/metal Tamper Resistant stainless steel screws, specifically suited to the needs of locksmiths.


Wire Running Rods

These nonconductive fiberglass rods can be screwed together to form longer lengths for running through walls, attics, crawl spaces, sub-floors, and suspended ceilings.

Kit includes

•(10) 39” rods with threaded
brass connectors,

•A 6-1/2” flexible acrylic
connection that can be set to any angle,

•A brass hook end for pulling,

•And a brass eye end for pushing.

Can be extended up to 33 feet!